CyberlearnHES⁠-⁠SO E-learning Center


E-learning at the HES⁠-⁠SO represents 24,000 users and over 8,400 on-line courses.

The Cyberlearn e-learning Center offers every professor with the opportunity to manage
his courses on-line, by providing students with pertinent contents and podcasted courses, quizzes, as well as a number of multimedia resources.

Cyberlearn also organizes Moodle Cafés,
during which the team members, while sharing cafés and croissants, follows courses to master the use of Moodle.

Since 2018, Cyberlearns is offering a new solution to provide Moodle formation to teachers : Webinars
Centre Cyberlearn HES⁠-⁠SO
Techno-Ark 3
3960 Sierre
T. +41 (0)58 900 01 17
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